Leonard Nevel III

My name is Leonard Nevel III, known by my family and friends as Trey. I do portraits, custom design, and nature. My favorite medium is pencil drawing. This gives me the ability to express every aspect of a drawing from fine hairs, dimension, expressions, and shading.

My artistic abilities were first discovered by my art teacher, Debbie Kessinger-Verdugo, when I was in the fourth grade. As one of Central California's best art instructors, she saw artistic talent within me. She entered my art into a museum without me knowing. I was surprised when I was awarded best of show.

Breaking the ice at such a young age encouraged me to continue drawing. Since then I have been developing my artistic ability to the level that I am now. Once I got to High School, I did everything art related from posters, to t-shirts for clubs on campus, banners, props and murals.

In college I gained an appreciation for detailed drawing when learning how to draw the human body. This dimensionalized my art form. I furthered my skills by teaching myself to be more detailed and questioning what would be most appreciated by the viewers. My future goals are to one day open a art institute to help other young artists pursue their artistic expressions.